Exactly What Is A Wrap Door?

wrap doors

Exactly what is a Wrap Kitchen Door

Most of us are already very familiar with Melamine Kitchen Designs. Melamine comes in a variety of colours and makes for a beautiful kitchen design.

Wrap doors is something that has only been around for a decade or so.

wrap doors
Various wrap door patterns available

Many people still wonder what is a wrap door. The following explanation provided by Cupboards Q&A, provides insight.

One of the primary benefits of this technology and process is the fact that whereas Melamine Doors are primarily flat in appearance, the use of MDF makes it possible to mold the face of the material and create various patterns.

Thermofoil is a surface finish applied to cabinets by multiple manufacturers. It is a plastic material which is thermoformed to the profile of an underlying engineered wood core such as medium-density fiberboard. Thermofoil typically has a high-quality sheen and may incorporate metallic elements in its finish (analogous to the metallic paint on an automobile).

  • Often used for making kitchen cabinet doors, this reasonably priced and commonly available synthetic material is a thin, tight, heat-sealed plastic wrap used to mold over an MDF substrate.
  • Thermofoil cabinet doors can be a solid color or imitation wood grain.
  • The cabinet boxes that accompany these doors can be finished in various materials such matching thermofoil, coordinating paint, and laminates.
  • Thermofoil is available in a range of textures and sheen levels, the most popular choice being solid white with a matte sheen.
  • For a budget kitchen remodel, a thermofoil cabinet door is an easy and economical alternative to white paint or even expensive solid wood material
high gloss white wrap bic
modern high gloss white wrap bic

Thus wrapped doors are vacuum bonded PVC foil on a moisture resistant MDF substrate. This provides a continuous, impervious coating that is hygienic, stain resistant, long lasting and easy to clean.

modern melamine kitchen ceasar stone top bedfordview image 2
modern wrap door kitchen design with ceasar stone top – bedfordview

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